Schools, Partner With Operation Click

Operation Click is in twenty-one high schools in the Chicagoland area. Operation Click is always looking to expand its program and help instill safe driving habits in new communities and schools.

How We Work Together

Operation Click works very closely with school representatives to help encourage and help promote safe teen driving. Each school is assigned a representative from the board of directors who assists the schools with any projects, fundraising, events and any questions that the school might have.

Sharing the Results of Your Success

Schools are required to do a pre-survey seat belt check at the start of each school year. Comparing results from these pre-surveys, and the other surveys conducted throughout the year you will see the impact that Operation Click has your school, and be able to compare with other participating schools. From the time that schools submit their first survey there is usually a noticable increase in seatbelt compliance from the implementation of the program as compared to before participation by the students.

End of Year Banquet

At the end of each school year Operation Click puts on a banquet and car giveaway for the participating schools in a chapter. Parents and community leaders alike are also encouraged to attend this event. During the Banquet awards are given out to students who show great leadership, schools with the best PSA on teen safe driving and sponsors are recognized for their contributions. In the end, some lucky students get to go home with a free car!

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