Our Program

Operation Click is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that was started as a partnership between the Crystal Lake Police Department, Crystal Lake Park District, Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce, and High School District 155.

Since 1998, Operation Click has been urging high school age drivers to buckle their seat belts in order to save lives. Since the program’s inception, seat belt usage by teen drivers in Crystal Lake has risen from 65% compliance to 95% compliance.

Winning a CarThis program has been successful through the generous support of local business owners, services, clubs, and individuals that have donated prizes, and funds to purchase prizes, that are awarded to students ‘caught’ wearing their seat belts.

The program concludes at the end of each school year with a Grand Prize Give-A-Way. The original sponsoring dealership was Crystal lake Buick/GMC, which has donated a car every year since 1998. Needless to say, incentives like these help encourage students to get into the habit of buckling up and driving safely. Operation Click is now partnered with numerous car dealerships each providing a car as the grand prize.

To be eligible to win major prizes, students must adhere to a signed contract which states they will wear their seat belts at all times, they will not drink and drive, they will not ride in a car with a driver who has consumed alcohol, and they will not be convicted of any traffic related violation. Students who breach the contract are not eligible for large prizes, including the grand prize car.

Partnerships with Community High Schools

To date, Operation Click has partnered with 39 different High Schools in the Chicagoland area to help raise awareness of seat belt usage and safe teen driving. Every year Operation Click reaches out to additional high schools to partner with to promote the program and help save lives.

Student Participation

Operation Click is a peer-enforced program that depends on students to monitor their friends’ driving habits. Teens recruit their peers to sign the Operation Click contract. They also perform seatbelt safety checks and distribute incentives on school grounds for students that show safe driving habits.

The Importance of Our Sponsors

Our sponsors play a vital role in our program. Thanks to them we are able to reward students by giving away prizes for local businesses. Without their support and generosity we would not be able to provide the positive reinforcement that has helped make Operation Click such a success.

Local Business Participation and Donations

With the support and donations from local businesses Operation Click is able to serve the students of the community in many ways. This includes rewarding students for going above and beyond for promoting safe teen driving and rewarding students for wearing their seat belts and showing safe driving habits.

Community Car Dealership Participation

With the generous support of our community car dealerships we are able to award eligible students with a new car!

Community Police Support

Many local police departments emphasize traffic safety as one of their top priorities and accomplish this goal by implementing various programs that educate the public. One of the programs that police departments are using to educate teen drivers is Operation Click. School Resource Officers assist the student-led Operation Click groups with information relating to traffic laws, graduated driver’s license programs, and crash dynamics. Participating students from Operation Click are able to utilize resources within the police department to send a message to teen drivers in an effort to encourage safe driving habits. The teamwork between Operation Click and police departments has had positive results, specifically with an increase in teen seat belt usage and awareness of safe driving habits.

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