Our Mission

The Mission of Operation Click is to reduce teen fatalities and injuries from motor vehicle crashes by developing safe driving habits through education and positive reinforcement.

“Operation Click has been instrumental in formulating the driving behavior of teens since 1998. This incentive and educational based program focuses on generating buy-in and ownership of the program for the teens of our community. If we can rely on our teens to motivate their peers, stimulate rivalry amongst schools in their chapter, and promote that only one student in each chapter who has exemplified safe driving will win a car; then the mission of this program will certainly be accomplished.”

Sean McGrath

Operation Click President

Values Statement

Community – We are committed to preserving and enhancing the lifestyle that our community offers. We consider servicing a need of the people in our area as central in maintaining the standard of living we enjoy.

Respect – As an organization dedicated to the young people in our community, we believe that respect for our students as well as our schools, faculty, parents, business leaders and the general public is essential. The success of our organization, and more importantly our students, depends on it.

Integrity – The principles on which we operate are fundamental to the high standards we hold for our program and our society. Integrity is the cornerstone of our organization.

Encouragement – We think encouragement is vital to our mission. We encourage our students, teachers and faculty, parents, business and community leaders to make a positive connection and become involved.

Vision Statement

Operation Click will be synonymous with good driving behaviors nationwide through the encouragement of making positive personal decisions to wear seat belts, drive sober and undistracted. The implementation of this program will have come full circle when the youth that are educated today provide a clear understanding of safe, smart driving for the youth they will raise in the future.

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