Message From the President

Thank you for your interest in the Operation Click program.


Sean McGrath, President of Operation ClickOperation Click started in 1998 as a seat belt compliance program. Over the years we realized that we were focusing on only one element of teen driving. We needed to widen our scope specific to teen safe driving issues. This includes deterring driving while intoxicated and any type of moving violation. Operation Click remains flexible and understands the need to change with the times. In 1998, the capability to text on a cellular phone did not exist. Now this is one of the most dangerous driving behaviors within any age group.

Operation Click is trying to change the driving behavior of our teens. Our teens are new to the behind the wheel experience. The high school years are the best opportunity to formulate their driving techniques. We are simply trying to create a habit – a habit that they can take with them to college and as they start a family.

Operation Click is a student driven program. Some of the best influence will come from your peers. Operation Click is incentive driven. We are in fact rewarding for smart and safe driving behavior. Operation Click will ask students to sign a contract at the start of the school year. Towards the end of the school year, if the high school has maintained at least a 95% seat belt compliance rate, then at least one student will qualify to win a car.

The brass ring of Operation Click is the donation of the car. The stipulations outlined in the contract are a lot to ask for of a teen. Operation Click understands that. This is why Operation Click will award one car per chapter. If not for the generosity of the donated cars on behalf of the local car dealers and businesses, this program would not have the success that it has proven over the years. We encourage community involvement. Include your local civic groups and local Chamber of Commerce. These groups support and participate in programs like Operation Click.

Operation Click believes in being progressive and encourages the schools and faculty to remain aggressive with promoting Operation Click to our teen drivers. Operation Click is open to new ideas and avenues. Each year, Operation Click tries to make the program better than the year before. If you have an idea that can help benefit Operation Click and our teens, please share this with us.

Drive Smart,

Sean McGrath
President, Operation Click

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