Information for Students

Operation Click is a peer-driven program. The program would neither function as well as it does nor have the success it has had without the help of it’s students.

What’s in the Contract?

To win the car you must agree to abide by the following rules:

  • Winning a CarYou will not drink alcohol and drive.
  • You will not ride in a vehicle with a driver who has consumed alcohol.
  • You will wear your seat belt at all times while operating or riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle.
  • You will strongly encourage any passenger(s) in your vehicle to wear their seat belts at all times.
  • You will not be convicted of traffic or alcohol related violations during the school year.
  • You will not be issued a seat belt citation or conviction.
  • You will not have any disciplinary issues at school.
  • You understand that law enforcement or school officials may check your compliance with the above rules from time to time. Should officials determine that you have violated any of these rules, your name will be withdrawn permanently from the contest and you will be ineligible to win the car.

Student Leadership

Operation Click is a student driven program, you control this program. Each school is required to set up a student committee to drive this program in their school. The committees are responsible for encouraging students to sign contracts, organize events in the school to promote safe driving, and rewarding students for safe driving. Without student leaders, this program would not be able to function in the way it does. Go get involved, become a leader and help save lives while doing it!

Download the student contract

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