Our Mission

to reduce teen fatalities and injuries from motor vehicle crashes by developing safe driving habits through education and positive reinforcement.

Operation Click is focused on saving teens lives by empowering students to embrace safe driving habits – working hand in hand with our community to make it happen.

Since 1998 Operation Click has been instrumental in formulating the driving behavior of teens. Partnering with community leaders, police departments, families and students, our organization is striving to compel teens to truly understand the perils of impaired and distracted driving. Operation Click is having a direct impact on our community, with over 19 years of positive results, and countless saved lives, teens in our community are safer drivers today than they’ve ever been… but there’s still more to do.

While Operation Click, by virtue of our name, is devoted to seatbelt use and safety, our initiative is wide and encompassing. We want our teens to learn today, right now, that not only are seat belts critical to safety, but distracted driving is a recipe for disaster. We work to save lives by using positive reinforcement. With a signed contract and adherence to the rules – students have a chance to win a  car, graciously donated by our community dealerships and sponsors. Learn more about our program.

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Students buckle up, win car

April 25, 2008 3:51:02 PM PDT By Roz Varon A suburban program that uses positive reinforcement to get high schoolers to buckle up just made two students the owners of brand new cars.You wear your seatbelt, you win a car! Crystal Lake South is one of 12 high schools participating in Operation Click, a program that rewards teen drivers for buckling up. “We have all the laws in place, but are the laws working? No, we have too many teen fatalities, so this is a totally different approach for our teen drivers,” said Officer Sean McGrath, Crystal Lake Police. Students sign a contract saying they will wear a seatbelt and not get any moving violations or any alcohol offenses during the school year. “I always tell them we are not going anywhere until you put on your seatbelt, because it’s my car and it’s my responsibility,” said Liz Agnes, Crystal Lake South H.S. student. “The best thing about the program, it’s really student driven, student involvement, and it really promotes positive choices and decisions,” said Vice Principal Joe Cole, Crystal Lake South H.S. The students form a committee. They ask local businesses to donate gas cards, coffee, pizza, and other rewards that are given to students who buckle up. “We’ve gone out a couple times this year, going out into the parking lot with people, some people when I turn around they snap their seatbelts like saying, look I’m wearing it, so I always give them prizes,” said Nick Pyan, Crystal Lake H.S. South Operation Click. At the end of the school year, if the seatbelt compliance rate is... read more

Harvard, Marengo teens win free cars through Operation Click

Harvard, Marengo teens win free cars through Operation Click Published: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 12:17 a.m. CDT CRYSTAL LAKE – Even though she knew what was about to happen, Cassidy Bowers’ hands still shook as she turned the key to a dark blue Ford Fiesta and the lights atop the car began flashing. As the last contestant in line during Operation Click’s annual car giveaway event, this year held inside Crystal Lake’s Holiday Inn, the Marengo High School junior knew the one remaining key would win her the car. “I was freaking out as each person before me went through and didn’t get it,” Bowers said, smiling in front of her new car. “Then it came down to me and another girl, and when she didn’t get it, I was just like, ‘Wow, this is it.’ ” It was one of two Ford Fiestas given away as part of Operation Click’s teen safe driving program. Bowers and Harvard High School senior Katie Wright were the two lucky winners out of 21 students from 14 schools in McHenry and Kane counties. Each student signed a safe driving contract at the start of the year and a number were drawn at random, putting those students in the running for a free car. Each teen got to select a key and the two that started the cars won. For years, Operation Click has focused its attention on seat belt safety, but the organization’s vice president, Nick Pyan, said they’re starting to emphasize other things, such as texting and driving and passenger limits. Born of a partnership between the Crystal Lake Police Department,... read more

Williams Bay students wins car at Operation Click giveaway

Andrew Olson, a senior at Williams Bay High School, won a car at an Operation Click giveaway for being a safe driver.   DELAVAN—A Williams Bay high school student won a car at the county’s fourth annual Operation Click ceremony Friday at the Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan. Andrew Olson won the gold car for being a safe driver. Each student who drew a key Friday was selected in a drawing to represent his or her school. The student with the key that fit the car won. Olson was the first student in line and fist-pumped in the air when he realized he drew the lucky key. Haley Beeler, a Janesville Parker senior, was the lucky winner of a 2009 Chevrolet Aveo at an Operation Click ceremony Thursday for Rock County participants. The program began in 2011 in Walworth County and 2013 in Rock County. Qualifying students signed a contract at the beginning of the school year. Among the conditions they had to abide by: no texting or drinking while driving, no riding with a driver who has consumed alcohol, always wearing their seat belts, no traffic or alcohol violation convictions or school disciplinary problems. About 75 percent of Wisconsin high school driver’s use a seat belt, according to Operation Click. About 98 percent of participating Walworth County students used seat belts in 2014. Olson’s school and grade: Williams Bay High School senior. Comment from Olson: “I’m just ecstatic,” Olson said. When asked the first place he was going to drive his new vehicle, he said, “I have no idea. Wherever,” with a huge smile and crying teacher by... read more

East Troy student wins Operation Click car

by Chris Schultz April 28, 2016 DELAVAN — It’s the high point of the Operation Click annual luncheon. The center of attention is a like-new used car from Kunes Country Auto Group, Delavan. In this case, a dark blue 2012 Ford Focus. Attention is also focused on a bowl holding keys, only one of which will turn on the light bar on the car. Whoever inserts that key and starts the lights rolling, wins the car, free and clear. Selected students from the seven participating high schools in the Walworth County chapter of Operation Click reach up into a bowl, pull out a key and with a lot of trepidation and hope insert the key into a lock. Schools in the program are Badger, Big Foot, Catholic Central of Burlington, Delavan-Darien, East Troy, Elkhorn and Williams Bay . The first two to try were Katelyn O’Brien and Natalie Stratton of Williams Bay High School. And to their disappointment, the first two turns of the first two keys produced … nothing. Third time was a charm, however. Katrina Santos, 18, of East Troy High School had the key that set the yellow light bar flashing. Santos later said she has a car, but it’s a 1998 and “It’s not the best.” The other students, most of whom never had a chance to even sit in the car, received consolation gift cards from Operation Click. Sean McGrath, a Crystal Lake, Illinois, police officer and founder of Operation Click, announced that this was the fifth year for the program in Walworth County. Operation Click is run by the students. It involves a... read more